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Athletic Training




A big part of what we do at Inspired Fitness Training Center is athletic training. We work with youth and adult athletes in many sports. Our goal is to develop the athletes strength, speed, stamina, mobility and core to enhance their sports performance.  

We have created pre-season base building programs for multiple athletic teams for Analy High School. We have trained the boys basketball team since 2009, the girls volleyball team since 2012, as well as soccer and cheerleading conditioning. In addition to team training, we work individually with many athletes, from a variety of different sports. Our athletes’ ages range from middle school to collegiate to adult athletes still training for competition or personal betterment.

We have developed a periodized program that enhances skills to improve an athlete's performance.  We incorporate safety and nutrition as part of a well-rounded program and track our athletes year round for optimal conditioning. 

Commit to yourself and your athletic goals with the guidance and support of a sport specific trainer.

why not start your fitness program today?

Contact us or stop by for more information or to make an appointment. We’ll set you up with one of our amazing and personable trainers to set you up with the program that is right for your sports goals!