Tapas Yoga


Tapas is the third of the five Niyamas In Yoga, is the practice of actually implementing our plan for self-improvement. It means “to heat.”

Tapas Tuesday Flow invites you To melt away what no longer serves you and to make room for the new.

In this heated, 75 minute flow, the student is invited to feel the heat of resistance, melt away old habits and offer negative behavior and thoughts into the fire of tapas and chart a new course towards freedom.

Although this flow is not recommended for the beginning yogi, we do welcome all levels and encourage you to find your power of staying where you are while building your Yoga base in this class by witnessing what’s possible through each breath.

Traditional flow class with creativity in sequencing, arm balances taught with variations for all levels and sound healing to close each class along with a promise that what you build on your mat will light you up off your mat.

suzanne sarto