A variety of fun, effective classes to address all of the essential components of fitness.

Join us for classes that provide a dose of high-energy motivation that is fun and always a challenge. Experience our certified instructors who strive to energize the group while still focusing on the needs of the individual and create the best workout possible! 


TRX SUSPENSION TRAINING was created in the U.S. Navy SEALS program and Suspension Training is a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise. Easily set up the portable TRX® Suspension Trainer™ and you’re in control. Safely perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose.

BOOTCAMP is the best of both worlds. Combination of strength, cardio and core work done in a group setting but with personalized attention by the personal trainers who teach. Our mission with Bootcamp is to get you feeling stronger, leaner, more confident and to have fun. We customize each Bootcamp to keep your body guessing and never letting you get bored. Don't let the word Bootcamp scare you. We will make sure you get a great, safe workout regardless of what level you are.

SPINNING is a great way to get a rigorous workout by burning a lot of calories and keeping your muscles in shape. While riding on our brand new Body Craft bikes, you'll experience a challenging class organized to focus on endurance, intervals, stamina, and muscle and core strengthening.

Emily Tamaya

PILATES MAT classes are based off the principles of Joseph Pilates.  We incorporate the lengthening of muscle into the strength of movement, to create a strong, lean core and muscle tone throughout the body.  We incorporate the use of props, such as small weights, BOSUs, and physio balls to create a workout that is both effective and safe.  Due to the awareness of spinal musculature, posture and joint stability, this class will transform your posture and balance, as well as your overall feeling of a strong lean body.  All levels are welcome.  Private training is available.

Jose Jenkins

VINYASA FLOW YOGA focuses on mental meditation, fundamental strength building, and breathing techniques to teach your body flexibility and allow relaxation. It will bring balance and harmony into your practice while challenging your body as well. If you'd like to learn how to build more strength, flexibility and balance, yoga is a perfect class to patiently become one with your body.


Jose Brown

PIYO, the popular Beach Body program, is founded in pilates and yoga based movements but has a strong strength, flexibility and core foundation.  It’s done to the beat of high energy movement, add some dance movement and you have a great class to add into your current fitness program!

Gary Mitchell

P90X is another program from Beach Body, P90X is widely known throughout the country because of the amazing results it has delivered! This class will use the science of Muscle Confusion to consistently challenge your body and muscles with new moves and routines. P90X involves cardio, weight training and core strengthening to keep your body from plateauing and keep the results going!

Arthur Lee

ZUMBA is a great way to get one of the best workouts ever without even realizing it! This fitness party dance class is perfect for anyone and any body. It's energetic, fun and incorporates both latin and global rhythmic music. Using low and high intensity moves for an interval-style workout, Zumba gives you a great workout while enjoying yourself! Surround yourself with great people, great music, and burn a ton of calories while you're doing it!

CIZE is our newest and hottest class, created by Shaun T of Beach Body, is the end of exerCIZE. This incredibly fun class will give you a great cardio workout all while learning choreographed dance moves! Feel like you aren't a dancer? No worries! This class is for all ages, all shapes and sizes, and for anyone that can tap there feet. A.k.a. dance skills are not required! Each move is broken down step-by-step, and it's so thrilling that you will forget you're working out!


TRX, PiYo & Spin

PX90 & Bootcamp