Amira Hamadi


AS, CPT, Certified Fitness Instructor

Amira has been in the health and fitness industry for over six years. She began her journey as a Certified Fitness Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer, and was inspired to further her skills and knowledge by getting her Pilates Certification in order to help injured and post surgical clients through rehabilitating and strengthening Pilates techniques. Through all of these certifications, Amira has been dedicated to changing the lives of others as she inspires all persons to become the best versions of themselves. In addition to her certifications, she has been training athletes and actively participating in Analy High School Athletic training programs for over four years. Furthermore, even with all the roles she fulfills as a fitness professional, she is also a nutritional coach. Having traveled on her own successful fitness journey, Amira’s endless charisma is what sets her apart and allows her to see the potential in all individuals. Amira recognizes the power starts within and by “transforming your mind and believing in all that you can accomplish, you will make your health and fitness goals a reality”. By working with Amira, you will not only be unlocking your full potential and pushing yourself beyond what you thought was possible, but also transforming your mind and spirit. Amira is able to combine her fitness and nutritional expertise to provide you with a holistic approach and guide you to a road of success, happiness, and good health. 

"You create everything twice; Once in your vision, and once in reality.”

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