Angela Lowry


200+ RYT 

Angela Lowry’s path to yoga was not a straight line.  She’s spent years challenging her mind and body through training for and competing in triathlons, swimming the span of the Golden Gate Bridge and rowing competitively for the past 5 years. When attending yoga classes, she found that after each practice she felt better and better about herself. Yoga steadily became a vehicle for positive change both physically and mentally. 

With a long-held desire to teach, Angela’s progression from Yoga student to Yoga teacher seemed a natural one. Angela received her 200+ hour RYT through InspiredThrive Yoga in Dec. 2018.

“I began my yoga journey from a desire to become healthier and feel better about myself physically. The mental and emotional benefits have been both unexpected and phenomenal. I’ve had a lifelong love of learning and have always been open to trying new things. When I started my personal yoga practice I fell in love with how calm, centered and balanced I felt when I finished a class. The tenant I teach from is ‘Leave people in their own greatness’. I want to empower others and inspire them to live in knowing they are powerful and full of possibility.”

She believes that with breath and practice, anyone can change their life for the better—that we all can become comfortable with the uncomfortable and make forward progress

She is a seeker of knowledge and personal growth and continually strives for deeper learning of the chakras, yamas and niyamas. 

In Angela’s class, you can expect a challenging vinyasa flow class for all levels, delivered with kindness and compassion that leaves you feeling powerful and balanced.

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