April Karr


Certified Personal Trainer - NASM

April Karr has been involved in sports and fitness since she was a child, growing up as a competitive athlete in gymnastics taught her at a young age the capabilities of the human body and the drive and commitment needed to accomplish goals. After a severe injury that ended her gymnastics career, she found achievements in a number of other sports. April’s understanding of the human body lead her to becoming an athletic coach, a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She has guided clients to reach their personal goals, as well as motivated groups through classes such as Body Pump, Bootcamp, Core and Stability Classes, Kickboxing, Flexibility Training, and Dance. Beyond her work at Inspired Fitness, April is the Director and Choreographer of a local Latin Dance Team. She’s also a Marketing Consultant and dedicated mother of two boys.

“Life is full of choices. Choose Wisely.”

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