David McGuire


NSCA & NPTI Certified Personal Trainer, 200HR+RYT

David has been in the fitness industry for almost 20 years as an instructor, personal trainer and nutritional consultant. He has always led an active lifestyle and has a passion for the human body and how it works, moves and all of its possibilities. Along with being an NSCA and NPTI certified personal trainer, David recently completed his 200 hour yoga Teacher Training right here at Inspired Fitness and is grateful to be able to call Jenn Fujii his mentor. 

David has enjoyed pushing himself physically for many years, but as he’s gotten older he realized something was missing. A bigger picture. An expansion. This is where yoga came in - a place he found that the physical was only a gateway to the emotional, the spiritual, the peace that a yoga practice brings. It was definitely a case of “when the student is ready, the teacher appears."

Prior to becoming a yoga instructor, David spent the last 3 years in several intensive life coaching and neuroplasticity certifications with The Coaches Training Institute and BeAbove Leadership. He is passionate about understanding the brain, the mind and ways his clients and students can step into their best and most powerful selves, led by their own self-compassion and kindness.  

A natural motivator, you can expect to be challenged, encouraged and acknowledged in his Vinyasa flow classes. Led with love, gratitude and respect each class will stress discipline, mindful movement and a strong emphasis on breath work.