Gena Price


BA, Certified Fitness Instructor, E-RYT200,YACEP

Movement has always been Gena’s passion, a form of expression and a way to keep her body and soul intact. Gena developed a passion and dedicated practice for the breath and alignment focused vinyasa practice in 2010.

 After completing her first 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2016 Gena transitioned from being a community business owner for 15 years back into the corporate business world in Health and Wellness and joined Inspired Fitness as a yoga instructor. Shortly after joining the Inspired Fitness Team, Gena became an integral part of the yoga program, developing classes, workshops and trainings as well as mentoring and supporting students and fellow teachers.

Gena is honored to be practicing, teaching and working with her friend, teacher and creator of Inspired Yoga, Jennifer Fujii. Gena is a committed teacher and student of yoga as she has completed additional trainings and intensives including Advanced Art of Assisting, Yoga Nidra, Sound Healing, Restorative Intensives and another 200-hour vinyasa training. Gena is also a current student of Yoga Tree San Francisco 300-hour continuing education program.

Gena understands how important it is to have a committed physical, mental and spiritual practice in order to meet the challenges of daily life.Gena believes that yoga and any dedicated practice is a way to increase self-confidence, personal power and inspire medicine for the heart. As Gena continues to be a devoted student she continues to learn and grow through her own practice and teaching. Gena is passionate to share the gifts of yoga, to promote a healing space where students can replenish, where students can explore the balance between effort and surrender, where students can alleviate tightness, pain, congestion in the body, mind and to find compassion, self-acceptance and freedom.

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