Gena Price


BA, Certified Fitness Instructor, 200HR + RYT

Movement has always been Gena’s passion, a form of expression and a way to keep her body and soul intact. Gena developed a passion and dedicated practice for the sweaty, breath and alignment focused vinyasa practice in 2010.

Gena is a mother, wife, community business owner and student of life. Gena understands how important it is to have a committed physical, mental and spiritual practice in order to meet the challenges of daily life.  Gena believes yoga and any dedicated fitness practice is a way to increase self confidence and personal power.  

While Gena is a dedicated student herself and continues to learn and grow through her own practice and teaching, she hopes that she can share the gifts of yoga and help students alleviate tightness, pain, to become more flexible and strong and to find compassion and self acceptance. She believes yoga is beneficial for everyone and is the perfect addition to anyone's health and wellness program.   

"Yoga is so important to me because it nurtures a sense of self worth, empowerment and confidence!"

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