Leila Bazzani


Pilates Technique Certified

A California native, Leila brings expertise from not only her 15 years practicing Pilates, but her lifelong commitment to the mind body connection as a Buddhist practitioner.  Starting both her own sitting mediation practice, ballet and soccer at age 5, the connection is inherent in her ability to be completely present and deeply intuitive to her students needs and abilities.  This coupled with her experience working with the high performance of athletes and circus performers in Los Angeles to the high stress and low mobility of lawyers and finance brokers in Manhattan; makes for a tailored session focused on balance, strength, flexibility and endurance. Producing lasting results that can only be found through a holistic but challenging approach to movement and well-being.

Leila was fully certified in 2010 through Pilates Technique in Los Angeles, a comprehensive 9-month course taught in the classical tradition with an emphasis on safety and awareness.  Her warm and welcoming presence but no nonsense approach to life will keep you motivated, centered and ready to dive in!

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