Nicki Pelone


200 RYT 

What began as a quest to add to her fitness journey, Yoga quickly became a dedicated and passionate yoga practice. The connection to spirituality, the improved mental health and the many benefits that yoga extended beyond the physical practice, both on and off the mat, lead Nicki to become a certified 200 RYT. 

Nicki’s mission to provide partitioners with the tools to evolve their consciousness with a strong foundation of asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Her classes meld together awareness, movement, and breathing to bring each student to a new level of self-love and understanding. With inclusion, compassion, and understanding, Nicki creates a welcoming environment to all levels of yoga practitioners. She creatively couples her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with anatomy, breath, and spirituality to achieve an innovative yoga approach. 

In Nicki’s classes, you can expect a Vinyasa flow that will challenge you but is accessible for all. Her students will be encouraged to connect breath and physical movements as a form of mindfulness meditation. 

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