Gina Wright


BS, CPT, FRCms, RYT-500

Gina sincerely feels that there is no wrong way to move but instead there could movements you may not be prepared for. She feels privileged to share with you her education and experience. She hopes to inspire you to practice and train with curiosity, love and confidence. She invites you to honor your practice or strength training by creating the space you need, being grateful for the amazing body and movement you have, and to keep an open mind while you discover different characteristics on and off your mat....or in the gym.

Gina’s first 200 hour yoga training was a Baptiste inspired program. Her second 200 hour dabble was with an Ana Forrest inspired training. While she appreciated both neither really hit the spot so she continued searching for what was missing. She then stumbled across Jason Crandell (alignment and anatomy) and for the next year drove across the Golden Gate to train with him. She received her first advance 300 hour with Jason Crandell and is in the process of receiving her second advance 300 hour with Jules Mitchell (biomechanics). Gina can nerd out with anatomy and biomechanics all day long!

Gina is a Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist, Cycle and TRX Instructor. She also has a certification and Barre Above.

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