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Nutrition Programs

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COST: $159*

*includes Daily Whole30 journal

New Year. New You. Best You!
Whole body detox from the inside out. 

Commit completely for 30 days and change your life. Inspired fitness is now offering Whole30 small group challenges. Kick off your NEW YEAR with a NEW YOU and register for the Whole30 today. 

Program Benefits:

• Increased energy
• Decreased aches and pain
• Weight loss
• Clearer skin
• Gut healing
• Blood sugar stabilization
• Better sleep
• Clearer mental function
• Restore a healthy relationship with food
• Reduce cravings

Some Basics:

Yes to: Real food. Lots of it!
No to:
• Alcohol
• Added sugar
• Gluten
• Legumes
• Dairy
Program includes:
• Weekly meetings including an informational meeting
• Private Facebook group for added support
• Daily Whole30 journal


All meetings:
Monday 5:45-6:45PM
1/7/19: Ground zero
1/14/19: Meeting #1
1/28/19: Meeting #1
2/4/19: Meeting #3
2/11/19: Meeting #4


Take control of your nutrition with a customized program by our Certified Nutritionist

Ashley Schroth-Cary takes a very holistic approach when working with her clients. She helps her clients reach their healthiest selves by eating foods in their most natural form while trying to stay away from processed and refined foods. Ashley helps her clients find their best selves by looking at the big picture, realizing health is not a size but a feeling and to get there you need to focus on food, exercise, and lifestyle.


AS, NE, LE, CPT, Certified Fitness Instructor


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