Joel and Monica

When I walked into Inspired Fitness back in January, I literally had not darkened the doorway of a gym in over a decade. I felt weak and completely out of shape, and I knew that the time had come for me to finally do something about it.

The trouble was, I had never exactly liked gyms... in my 20s I probably went through half a dozen gym memberships. Sometimes I'd manage to go a few days a week, seeing it as a necessary evil, but I loathed every second I spent there. 

However, from the very beginning something about Inspired Fitness just felt different; not like your average gym. I specifically remember Tia giving me a tour and explaining that Inspired was class-based. I was kind of excited about that - interested to try classes like Bootcamp and TRX and P90X - but also pretty trepidatious. I'd never been one for gym classes after an unfortunate incident during a late 90s cardio boxing class.

I was so nervous the day I walked into my first Bootcamp class, and even though Tia had promised that no one would yell at me, I was still unsure of that. (Why else would it be called Bootcamp?) However, I needn't have worried - everyone was so kind and supportive, and even though I felt out of my depth (which I was!), I came out of the class having really enjoyed it, and I looked forward to going back again.

Well, it's 6 months later, and I still look forward to working out at Inspired. I continue to love Bootcamp, but P90X, TRX, and the occasional PiYo are also favorites. After 4 kids, and at age 38, I'm way stronger and more fit and toned than I have ever been in my life, and I feel really good about myself. I've even convinced my beloved husband, Joel, to start attending with me.

I feel so incredibly grateful that I found Inspired Fitness; it is quite the gym apart, and one that I am honored and proud to be a member of. Thank you, Inspired!

suzanne sarto