Amy & Lewis

Amy was a kick ass 5:30 a.m. boot camp chick when we first started dating three years ago. I know because she dragged me there a couple times and the 30 pound kettle bell swings nearly threw my back out of whack. This was down in Oakland. 

I thought I was in pretty good shape - playing basketball twice a week at the Oakland Y - pretty good for a gray-haired white guy.

Last summer we moved into the house in Sebastopol that had been in my family for a long time. I found a Sunday morning ball game at Brookhaven School, and Amy found Inspired Fitness. We were both pushing the pudgy edge of our comfort zone and becoming aficionados of local double IPA’s. I didn't think the boot camp thing was going to work for me, and figured the now once a week b-ball was going to keep me alive.

Amy began weekly personal training with Inspired’s fitness diva, Jenn Fujii. She kicked Amy’s butt, which became much firmer and perfectly shaped and damn if her upper body strength didn't begin to tone up again into a ravishing form.

So “OK”, I said. And I began to go to classes there too. Tia kicked my butt in a totally delightful way, and Amira kept working on my awkward form, and pretty soon I could get through a class with a smile on my face. “I feel stronger”, I bragged to Amy. “Look at this bicep.” Argh such a braggy dude thing. (She loved it).

Recently we took Jenn’s advice to do the 21-day ultimate reset diet. Gotta admit it; “life changing”. Yeah we reset our nutrition to WAY healthier. The IPA has been down-graded to a few a month and the red meat maybe gonzo. The big fruit salads for breakfast and the big green salads for lunch are fabulous. And we have both lost about 10 pounds while still adding some muscle from the gym classes.

Inspired Fitness is the real deal. The gals there are professional, caring, fun, intelligent, skillful, and totally buff. They walk their talk. This is where a great local gym meets true West County vibe. We’re regulars now and loving it.

suzanne sarto