Cheri & Nick

All these years, I've never found an exercise routine that has clicked, nor have I been a fan of gyms and fitness classes. Since we joined Inspired Fitness last fall, I've built a daily habit and desire to be healthy and stronger. That's an incredibly hard thing to instill in a person. I look forward to working out — which is something I never thought I'd say — and especially love PiYo, P90X, and TRX. Thanks to all of the instructors who guide and support us and create a space that is welcoming, inspiring, and fun.

I love how being a member of Inspired Fitness makes me feel accountable for my health. There are so many great classes, and awesome instructors, that it can be hard to choose what to do each week! I appreciate that, no matter how intense the class, it never feels competitive and that everyone is super chill and friendly. Well, as chill as you can be while doing battle rope plank squats with a side of mountain climbers. Put another way: It's the best reason I've ever found to get up at 5am. Thank you!

suzanne sarto