I started coming to Inspired one year ago. I came because I had been in classes at another gym with Anna, and I wanted to continue (classes) with her. I was impressed with her knowledge, training, great attitude and, she's so much fun (even at 5am!!). I am 64, and the class with Anna was the only one I had ever done, with any regularity, besides the spin that I had just begun. I quickly realized the value of moving in ways that I was neither very familiar with, or very good at. I had to acknowledge that there were certain parts of my body that were not well developed, felt weak and needed strengthening. I just had my second knee replacement in May, and prepared for it with the guidance, modifications and patience of Anna and the other great instructors at Inspired. I was very happy to learn that the other teachers were equally as competent and encouraging as Anna had been. And also, nice to work with at 6am! Every time I go to a class, I do what I can. I do have some limitations, some temporary and some permanent. There is always consideration, and suggestions for modifications if need be. I always feel accommodated and comfortable, although not always so graceful or competent. But ultimately, we are all learning, and improving ourselves little by little, whenever we simply show up.

suzanne sarto