Ian & Tara

My husband Ian and I found Inspired Fitness through our dear friend Heather Aiello, one of the amazing personal trainers who I'm so grateful married into my crazy family. 

Heather started whipping me into shape twice a week until I got strong enough to do the classes. When Ian saw that I was actually excited to go work out, and that I had more energy, he decided to dive in head first with a year commitment. He is currently going more than I have been able to and crushing it.

Ian and I met 10 years ago in the service industry that we are still happily stuck in today. Ian runs a tasting room, and I am opening a bar that our little farm grows for. Our jobs ensure that our bods are always tweaked and we eat and drink for a living, so we need all the help we can get, and we get it at Inspired Fitness. 

We both talk about the trainers being the huge difference between Inspired Fitness and other gym experiences we've had. These epic bad asses truly are inspiring, but they are also always on your side. They heal while they challenge, are funny and warm, and are just plain good humans. Thanks to all. We adore you.

suzanne sarto