After I got my first hip replacement in 2004, My hip became infected two years later and I needed a replacement. I asked them to look at the other hip because it was giving me some troubles. Long story short, I ended up getting two hernias and I was at bed rest for 8 weeks with no hip cuff or rod but instead an antibiotic rod. Then when the left side was done, I went from a wheelchair, to a walker, to a cane. Then, to build up strength, I started putting Olympic weights in a shopping cart and pushing that around. Then I got to where I was stable enough to ride a mountain bike. I'd ride it every day from Rohnert park to Petaluma, but after a couple incidents where I almost got run over on the street, I said it was time to go back to the gym. That's when I went to Inspired Fitness (in Petaluma at the time) and that's where I met Jenn Fujii, the owner. I trained there for 4 years, and two years into it, I started training functional fitness with Jenn. That is what helped me gain core strength and more flexibility and mobility. Before that, I couldn't go up or down a flight of stairs without hanging onto a stair rail. Then all the way til the 4th year before IFTC moved to Sebastopol, I was diagnosed with cancer. Through all that, Jenn always checked on me and made sure I was doing ok with my treatments. One of the things my doctors always said when I started the treatments, was that because I was in such good shape, that I'd weather the storm just fine, but it didn't make the treatments or cancer any easier. Once IFTC was in Sebastopol, it took me a year to get back to my feet, but getting back to training at IFTC and with Jenn Fujii helped me physically and emotionally more than I ever thought It would. Now, I'm officially a year and 10 months cancer free. Finding Inspired Fitness was a godsend. Thank you Jenn and IFTC for everything.

suzanne sarto