I am not a gym rat. I am the kind of guy who signs up for the gym, goes a few times, pays for a couple of months, and then gives up. Inspired Fitness is the first training center I have been to where I feel the motivation and get the support to meet my goals. The entire team at IF is incredible, every trainer I have worked with has been knowledgeable, cheerful, and genuinely helpful. I look forward to coming in, being challenged, and leaving feeling revitalized. The mix of classes and equipment keeps me coming in--Bootcamps for a great mix of cardio and strength, TRX for balance and strength, and PIYO and P90X when I feel ready to give myself a real challenge. Finally, a big shout out to Amira, who as a skilled trainer has really helped me feel at home. This place is great and Sebastopol is lucky to have it in town.

suzanne sarto