Joe & Mary

After 25 years of trying to stay fit exclusively by cycling, and having reached "a certain age," we realized we needed to expand our exercise horizons to improve our strength, over-all fitness, and range of motion. After trying another gym and some self-directed exercise at home, we found that the good people at Inspired Fitness and their wide variety of classes give us just what we need. The skilled, caring instructors do a great job teaching proper technique and encouraging our best efforts every day. We especially appreciate the well-planned exercise classes that deliver whole body workouts to improve functional fitness, as well as shape flabby bodies! At Inspired Fitness, we can push for new goals in a safe and supportive environment and discover what we are capable of doing. The whole vibe at Inspired Fitness is one of care, encouragement, and welcome. We couldn't ask for a better place!

suzanne sarto