Hey there! My name is Megan Cronin and I am 27 years old and live in Sebastopol. I recently got engaged this past year and am getting married in April of 2016! I immediately wanted to join a gym so that I could start getting in shape for my big day! I had heard about a little gym in Sebastopol that was called Inspired Fitness, and It was so close to my house, so I thought I would go in and take a trial class to check it out. The moment I walked in the door, I was greeted with such enthusiasm and kindness. All the employees are so welcoming and easy to talk to and they all remember your name! I took my first Bootcamp class and it was AMAZING and I wanted to sign up for a membership immediately. I have been going to classes and using the gym almost every day and LOVING every minute of it! I have to say, I have joined a lot of gyms in the past and have left a lot of gyms because I never really had a connection with any of them and never felt very welcomed. I feel like Inspired Fitness is my second home now and I am already that much closer to looking amazing for my wedding day! Thank you to everyone at Inspired Fitness for creating a comfortable workout experience and for making me fall in love with exercising again!!!

suzanne sarto