When I was young I was very active with sports, ultimate frisbee, hiking and sea kayaking. Then I went to grad school and got a job that had me in front of a computer a lot of the time. This "desk reality" combined with a full life as a dad and husband has led me to be more out of shape than I have ever been. A few months ago I decided to finally incorporate a regular exercise routine back into my life so I could get in shape and lose some weight. Over a 6 month period I looked around at over 6 different gyms in the area (Sebastopol and Santa Rosa) and tried a number of them. I decided to go with Inspired Fitness in the Barlow! I love the location, the classes, and the friendly, fun, and amazing women trainers. I have two young daughters so I really appreciate being around the empowered women leadership at Inspired Fitness. I still have a ways to go to hit my goals but I know I'm in good hands with Inspired Fitness.

suzanne sarto