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What do we offer through our Pilates Program?

We create innovative exercises that challenge our students to use their bodies in ways they thought may not be possible. Through the flow of class, your balance, strength, mobility and stability will be called upon to improve body awareness, muscle tone and core stability. We know that each individual is different, and encourage them to find their potential.


Pilates Mat

This is an intermediate to advanced class designed to push the potential in each individual. Full body movements flow together to enhance muscle tone and strength. The use of props are implemented for deep muscle stability and endurance.

Pilates Stretch

This is a beginning, introduction into the world of Pilates. A strong focus will be placed on balance, postural awareness, cure strength and muscle flexibility. Ideal for individuals who have had injuries or are new to exercise. 


Personal sessions on the pilates reformer is a great way to build strength and increase your mobility and flexibility without impact. 

Pilates Mashup

This class throws tradition and intimidation out the window! We will incorporate the Reformer, as well as Bosu‘s, weights, bands, medicine balls, and whatever inspired ideas we can. The purpose of this class is to build mobility, flexibility, and muscle tone. Most importantly, our certified trainers will help you build a strong, reliable core. This class is super fun with all levels welcome!


A combination of high intensity intervals on the spin bike, followed by deep core work on the mats inspired by the method of Pilates. This sweaty workout will condition your body from the inside out. Created by Inspired Fitness Trainers, the format of this class starts on the bike with high intensity intervals that will build full body strength, stamina and tone, followed by deep core movement and stability activation. With attention to detail and form, this class will cover all your bodies fitness demands.




Pilates Workshops & Pop-Ups

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