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What do we offer through our Yoga Program?

Inspired Fitness Yoga is a sacred, powerful, safe and nurturing studio filled with warmth, light and love. Our Power Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Basic Vinyasa Flow and Nidra classes invite you into a supportive physical and spiritual experience that will awaken both mind and body. Yogis of all sizes, shapes and experience level are welcome.



Inspired Power Vinyasa

Moderately Heated (80-85). Familiarity with sun salutations recommended, but all-levels welcome. Don't let the word “power" iIntimidate you. Tap into your power of mind, body and spirit with this Baptiste inspired power vinyasa yoga which focuses con creating balance, strength and flexibility to cultivate total body wellness from the inside out. A breath centered practice that will help you get balanced, de-stressed, strong and fluid. If not now, when?

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow focuses on mental meditation, fundamental strength building, and breathing techniques to teach your body flexibility and allow relaxation. It will bring balance and harmony into your practice while challenging your body as well. If you'd like to learn how to build more strength, flexibility and balance, yoga is a perfect class to patiently become one with your body. All levels welcome.

Community Yoga Class

Free to members and only $10 for public! Not sure if yoga is for you? Interested in trying out a different teacher? This class is for you. We want to bring yoga to our community and help new and rising teachers on the Inspired team grow their following. Taught by our team of teachers. All levels welcome.

Monthly Yoga Workshop

Broaden your yoga practice and join the Inspired community once a month for a deep dive into a specific are of yoga. All levels welcome and open to the public.

Yoga For Beginners

New to yoga? Interested in taking a yoga class but not sure what this “yoga thing” is all about? Sign up for a one on one session with one of our yoga teachers. They will take you through the basics and set you up for a successful class. All levels welcome. Set by appointment.

Yoga Tune-Up

Love yoga but need options for certain poses? Struggling with one or more specific pose? Sign up for a Yoga Tune-Up. Sometimes as students, we have more questions that can be addressed in a group setting. Schedule a tune-up and don’t miss a breath or pose in your next class. All levels welcome. Set by appointment.

Inspired Restorative Yoga

Relax, restore, and reconnect with this soothing restorative practice. Together we will open the hips, side waists, hamstrings, and lower back to release deep-rooted tension. Rest in the quiet moments in between as we allow space for meditation and pranayama. Close your day feeling centered and rejuvenated.

Sound Healing

Relaxation is the name of the game. The healing powers of gentle yoga, breath, and meditation with the vibrational experience of high quality crystal singing bowls and planetary gongs  harmonizes the body and releases stress. Each session will focus on a theme to release blockages and cultivate a life of freedom and happiness.

We spend the first half of the session preparing the mind and body with very gentle yoga, relaxed breathing, and a meditation before we recline onto the mat and allow the powerful vibrations to carry us away. Prepare to melt onto your mat and leave with a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Your Soul will thank you!



Gym Owner, BS, NSCA-CSCS, CPT, 400HR + RYT

With over 400 hours of yoga teacher training, In Jennifer’s Class, you can expect a powerful flow accessible to all levels that is breath focused and designed to empower the student.

Jennifer is committed to meeting her students where they're at and being an invitation to find a new edge of possibility. As a yoga teacher, Jennifer values how what shows up on the mat can be used in everyday life. By opening to a new way of being on the mat, a new way of being in life opens up off the mat.

The first post of Asana practice is Samastithi. Which means, to stand at attention. And what does THAT mean? I translate that to mean: Stand inside of yourself be awakened. To stand inside of yourself and stand up for yourself. Through the physical practice of yoga, I hope to open others eyes to what it means to stand inside of yourself with pride, compassion and be able to speak your truth, whatever it may be, without fear. To be awakened to something larger than you so that you, So that you can be inspired to rise above.
— Jennifer Fujii

BA, Certified Fitness Instructor, 200HR + RYT

Movement has always been Gena’s passion, a form of expression and a way to keep her body and soul intact. Gena developed a passion and dedicated practice for the sweaty, breath and alignment focused vinyasa practice in 2010.

Gena is a mother, wife, community business owner and student of life. Gena understands how important it is to have a committed physical, mental and spiritual practice in order to meet the challenges of daily life. Gena believes yoga and any dedicated fitness practice is a way to increase self confidence and personal power.

While Gena is a dedicated student herself and continues to learn and grow through her own practice and teaching, she hopes that she can share the gifts of yoga and help students alleviate tightness, pain, to become more flexible and strong and to find compassion and self acceptance.

She believes yoga is beneficial for everyone and is the perfect addition to anyone's health and wellness program.

RYT 200 & BUTI Yoga Certified Instructor

Zan Dean has been a passionate Yogi for the last decade. RYT 200 and BUTI Yoga certified she is ecstatic about bringing creative power Into experience through action and movement. Also certified in the modalities of reiki and soul realignment, she is interested in expanding the quality of presence brought to the shared practice of yoga.


Weekly Yoga Schedule

Try something new in our special POP-UP classes!

Buti Yoga is a soulful blend of power yoga, cardio intensive tribal dance, conditioning and deep abdominal toning woven into a dynamic yoga practice. Using techniques drawn from kundalini, HIIT and plyometric movements, this practice draws on primal energy and movement to nurture our bodies and thrive, manifesting complete inner transformation. Created to facilitate tapping into inner power, unleashing unshakable confidence and bond with others instead of compete. 


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